Many of our classes are private but we also offer group classes, especially when teaching corporate programs. You can study by yourself or in a group with your friends, classmates or coworkers. Just send us a message for the details.

Our regular class is 25 minutes but the time can be adjusted depending on the request of the students. The classes start once a teacher for your desired schedule confirms. This usually takes 1 to 2 days

You can register for classes online from our website. After registering and payment, classes will be scheduled within 48 hours from the date of payment. 

Aside from the most availed programs published on our website, our teachers have experience in teaching a wide range of other classes. Send us a message with your special request if you can’t find the program on our web offerings. 

A class report is given after each class. The teacher will take note of your pronunciation, vocabulary & grammar mistakes in class. After the class, the teacher will spend 5-10 minutes typing your class report with more corrections, tips and resources for you to learn with. 

We do have a very good corporate program. For our corporate clients we offer private online English classes & group classes. We can teach classes any size, depending on how many staff your company has.

A partnership (or affiliation) is a special relationship between Live English Time and other companies, industries, websites and organizations that result in added value and more profit for everyone. Anyone can apply to be a partner with us. As a partner, you get commissions every time your clients use our services. And we can also help promote your products and services.

We use Google Meet mostly, but other programs can be used upon students’ request. Google Meet is a free video-chat software program allowing free calls to anyone else  anywhere the world! 

No, you do not need to purchase a webcam. You can still see your teacher, and your teacher does not have to see you. Most computers have webcams built in now.

It is very rare for our students to experience computer problems when using Google Meet. Google Meet is one of the most reliable video-chat programs out there. However, in the event that a teacher misses a class due to the teacher’s technical problems, then the student gets a free class. If the student misses a class due to technical problems on the student’s side, then the student loses the class with no refund.

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